Saturday, April 28, 2007

Going Up?

Loft Living

The open living areas and wall-less space of a loft is often refered to as the "raw" area. This raw area takes on many meanings to different loft dwellers but overall it represents spatial freedom. This space is the epitome of loft living and the essence of the lifestyle. The traditional idea of raw area brings up images of abandoned New York City warehouses where starving artists found refuge and not the refined loft of today's modern age.

For many who seek this lifestyle the appeal is the ability to design, customize, and personalize their own space. The open layout and design of a loft allows the loft dweller to be creative and define every nook and cranny. Loft seekers who dream big desire lofts that have the right amount of raw area to contain all that they envision.
Raw space allows dwellers the ability to define their world from professional to personal and beyond.

Loft living is an expression of personal taste. Loft living is about freedom, a quality of life, and contemporary urban living. Loft living can be luxurious, minimalist, eclectic or artistic.

Get your chance to see first hand some of the great lofts in Downtown Augusta. See what all of the talk is about loft living and the modern lifestyle this First Friday, May 4, 2007.

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