Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Outsider

It seems some feathers are ruffled from my first post on the new and only independent voice of downtown Augusta! Why are people so offended with good news and praise for the real “doers” who are making great things happen? I guess that’s what happens when you are in the fray!

The mean spirited rag called my column a “fawning imitation”! I have always been one to make lemonade out of lemons so the way I look at it is BAD PUBLICITY IS FREE PUBLICITY! I have been so busy answering my fan mail…thanks to everyone for your positive feedback!

In addition, I have received several posts from some dude named “coco” asking if I was writing about his message board.

No “coco”, I was not talking about you!

Why would I?

Sorry man, but who the heck are you?

First of all I write about people I know personally and second of all, about those who are making a difference…for the better.

Like Justin Anderson, owner of the new theater off Broad, Le Chat Noir. Now here is gentlemen, who like Deke and Julian, has invested money in our downtown and restored the old Capri Theater. Not only is the finished product “top gun”, but so are the plays and musical performances. It is a grown up place and non-smoking to boot. If you have not been, please visit this new jewel on the corner of 8th Street & Ellis.

Rick Toole
of Toole Engineering has purchased the building on the north side of Broad at 10th. Currently an elevator shaft is being constructed on the exterior of the bldg. and interior improvements are underway and soon he will relocate his engineering firm there. Thanks Rick for your investment and your true commitment to downtown Augusta. You have “staying power” as well.

Congratulations Flash Gordon, new director of the James Brown Arena, for a fun-filled family evening with the Harlem Globetrotters. Not only is Flash investing his time and efforts in booking class acts at the arena and bringing folks downtown, he has invested a lot of sweat equity in the downtown business he owns, Pyramid Records.

Hats off to the new business association, Downtown Augusta Alliance or DA squared. This enthusiastic group plans to work with the Downtown Development Authority to promote downtown. New marketing campaigns and events are in the planning phases.
Another great example of movers and shakers who take responsibility for their individual successes…doers not talkers.

And finally, thank you Damon Cline for the great new business section in the Monday Augusta Chronicle. It is so refreshing to hear the good things that are going on in the area. I actually display your publication on my coffee table for guests to see.

And that mean spirited rag is used to line my kitty litter box.