Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Revival - be a part of the action

revival - noun
restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, strength.
restoration to use, the revival of old customs.
a new production of an old play.the state of being revived.

There is a revival going on in Downtown Augusta. I recently replied to a web site blog requesting information on a "unique and different" shopping experience in our community. This person obviously has not been to Downtown Augusta in a while. I invited them to visit our great district and to "explore" the possibilities. Restaurants, galleries, shops, entertainment opportunities not to mention the natural beauty of the Savannah River and our riverwalk (BONUS). For those of us that live work and play downtown - it comes easy. For those on the outside looking in it can be a daunting assignment - "what is there to do downtown?"

Our task as stakeholders, business owners and employees in the district (I'm told there are some 17,000 of us on a daily basis) is to educate - promote - invite and work together to build our community. Cross promote whenever possible. Partner with other businesses in the district to create a cohesive message. This will burn a lasting positive impression on anyone who visits the district. They will want to come back and possibly get involved themselves or bring a friend next time they come in to your establishment.

As the saying goes "wasn't that easy?"

Revival - it's a lifestyle...