Thursday, May 3, 2007

Augusta Artists show in DC

The Mary Pauline Gallery took the work of Brian Rust, Tom Nakashima, Edward Rice and Philip Morsberger to an international art fair in DC. Our Augusta artists received lots of attention from the public attending the fair. Galleries from Belgium, England and Italy were positioned in their exhibition booths all around us. It was very exciting to see that four artists living and working in Augusta can produce artwork that holds up in an international fair.

But, the experience did not go without notice of many things. First no one outside of the US has heard of Georgia, and no one out of the South has ever heard of Augusta. (unless they are serious about golf) This is a blessing and a curse. The international galleries and audience do not care that you are from Augusta, GA, because they think that all of the US is really just a suburb of NY or LA. The NY and LA galleries "think we are all cow tipping sister F*&#%ing rednecks" (that is a quote from the director of a Richmond, VA gallery). But, what is really the most confusing is the people that have heard of Georgia. They see we are from Augusta, and then go on to say how much they love Atlanta. SO they really don't know what or where Augusta is either.

In conclusion we have a vibrant arts community that includes the Morris Museum, Gertrude Herbert Arts Institute, Artist Row, the faculty of Augusta State University. We need more recognition!!!