Friday, May 4, 2007

The Outsider

I know you guys have missed me, but personal matters have taken me out of the fray!

Sounds like great things are happening in downtown Augusta. Three exciting announcements were made this month: The possibility of a new baseball stadium, the new plans for the JB Whites Building, and a birthday celebration for the soul general. Starbucks? 40 something new condominiums? Peanuts and cracker jacks? Rhythm and Soul on Broad Street? There is a sense of excitement in the air and it is nice to see folks excited for a change.

Which brings me to another point…maybe that Branding Committee knew what they were doing…baseball bats swinging on the river front and folks swinging to music in the Common. Downtown Augusta is in Full Swing.!!!

I once again applaud Deke and this month and applaud a group that is working hard for downtown Augusta, the Downtown Development Authority. . A source tells me that their board meeting this month resulted in some very exciting projects:
  • Such as a $100,000 pilot lighting project…the 900 block of Broad will get 16 new light poles:
  • 10th Street streetscape…new sidewalks, trees and furniture for Bees Knees and CafĂ© 209.
  • Transportation Enhancement Grant application for new streetscape on the James Brown Blvd.
This board rocks!

If ideas wore skirts, Stacie Adkins in Columbia County would be running around buck naked from the waist down. Seems she has started a Farmers market in Columbia County for all those poor folks who can’t drive 15 minutes into downtown on Saturday Morning!

It’s not that competition is a bad thing…it’s the fact that she cannot come up with an original thought or idea in that little head of hers. What’ next? Here is an original new idea Stacie….

Close Fury Ferry’s Road on the first Friday of each month…ask vendors to sell plastic roses…have Ron Cross kick off a karaoke contest…and call it FREAKY FIRST FRIDAY!!!!

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